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Our services are based on several complementary aspects:
  • Analysis of the energy commodity markets

  • Designing green and environmentally responsible strategies along with contractual engineering

  • Consultancy

  • Brokerage

  • Internships

Consultancy and brokerage

Current volatility in the energy markets is an ongoing challenge. By conducting a complex and detailed analysis of market drivers, Indar New Energies eases the ‘’right choice‘’. A strong analysis and a good forecasting advice are key to decision makers. The physical aspect of the supply, financial hedging, and risk management, either on exchanges or in the OTC (over the counter) markets, are critical.

Through permanent market monitoring Indar New Energies supports you in making the BEST decision.


Indar New Energies offers internship opportunities to students interested in energy matters - in connection with their graduate thesis.

We preferably welcome students from business and engineering schools, with a Master 2 specialized training.

Students with a good knowledge of English can submit their application documents (resume and cover letter) to:

Creating your portfolio

Building an energy portfolio involves providing you with the right instruments - not only to cover your energy needs but also to give you the flexibility to adjust contractual prices to the best of the market volatility.

You will no longer remain a passive player, and with the support of Indar New Energies you will actively manage your own portfolio according to your consumption needs and the market volatility. This entails the use of hedging and risk-hedging instruments (swaps, options, futures, and forwards markets), in compliance with your company's internal risk management guidelines.

Market tendering and negotiations

    Based on a load curves review and an understanding of your future needs, as well as your risk management policy, indar new energies assists you in preparing calls for tenders and market consultations.

    Indar New Energies is here to help you selecting sellers, assessing final negotiations, and taking the right decision.

Market intelligence

Indar New Energies has created schemes that are based on the analysis and the interpretation of market data. This way, you can base your decisions on information concerning market trends.

Indar New Energies conducts daily analysis of the:
    - Price trends and market volatility;
    - Possible tradeoffs;
    - Hedging strategies;
    - And the legal and regulatory changes impacting the markets.

Risk management

Free markets, including energy markets, are volatile. They require day-to-day monitoring to identify trends and turning points that may generate risks.

In addition to volatility, other factors influencing market trends must considered, such as legal and regulatory frameworks changes, physical or geopolitical phenomena (climates, political tensions, etc.), and possible "manipulations" from dominant players.

Indar New Energies assists you in defining and adjusting contractual risks strategies.

Our services are based on a true “contractual engineering” that takes into account risk exposure. we offer customized solutions for pricing and price indexation, whether for a single site or multi-sites (up to several thousand sites).

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Active for


In the european deregulated energy markets.

the market

In a few numbers

International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts for 2021.

increase in global energy demand, exceeding pre-Covid 19 levels
+ %
share of renewable energy in electricity

+ %
more coal demand than all renewables combined
+ %
increase in emissions
i.e. 1500 Mt
+ %
increase in demand for natural gas
+ %
increase in electricity demand
= 1000TWh
+ %

Our credentials

On the consumers’ side:

Energy-intensive industry, managers of industrial sites, regional entities, banks and investment funds, tertiary sector, supermarkets chains, etc.

Suppliers and traders


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We are a proud member (registration № D0210325) of the French National Chamber of Financial Experts (Chambre Nationale des Conseils Experts Financiers – CNCEF patrimoine) – the latter itself accredited by the French Financial Markets’ Authority (Autorité des Marchés Financiers – AMF). We are also registered with ORIAS (№ 21005615) – the Single French Register for Intermediaries in the insurance, banking, and finance sectors.

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Decisions taken today will help shaping the economic and climate future of tomorrow.

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