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Our expertise

Thanks to our expertise – based on an extensive field experience and over a quarter of a century in the deregulated physical and financial markets – our company is recognized in the electricity, natural gas, renewables, CO2 and guarantees of origin markets.

With the support of skilled collaborators and reputable partners, Indar New Energies has acquired a rich experience in combining companies’ internal risks management with those of the market.

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Our strength

The INDAR ENERGY team has been established in 1997 as the first ever consultant in deregulated energy markets. To integrate new energies into our services, we became INDAR NEW ENERGIES.

With more than twenty years of practice in the international oil, petroleum products and shipping markets, our team was able to gain significant expertise in the energy markets as well. We have addressed the opening of markets since the beginning. Since then, we have always skilfully combined the “physical” component of the supply with the financial markets, in order to obtain competitive prices for our customers.

INDAR NEW ENERGIES, an independent company recognized for its creativity and efficiency in helping its clients in the industrial and tertiary sectors, is committed to meeting the specific risk management needs of each of them.

Our team

Our team of “creativity enhancers” will guide you on the green wave!

Our consultants bring together experience and science.

A team that has been present in the deregulated European energy markets since their creation provides you with a unique field experience in purchasing strategy and parameters evolution.

Our collaborators have a background in finance and risk management and have graduated from the French Grandes Écoles. They make the most of market volatility and its optimization.

Our competitive advantages







A solid knowledge of the global energy mix and of the green evolution

Expertise in physical and financial products

Field experience with environmental certificates

Full independence and high responsiveness

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